Two Story Coop

  1. SassafrasSprings
    Two story coop
    This is our first coop that we have built since we moved. We had several styles and sizes at our old place but most we are taking apart and rebuilding new here. Currently this houses my young Sebrights. It is 4 feet by 4 feet, 5 feet tall in the front and 4 feet in the back. It is not completely finished. I will be making a run for it and it needs to be moved. It's not very level where it is sitting now. [​IMG]
    We started with treated 2x4's for the legs and bottom. We used ripped 2x4's (2x2's now) for the rest of the framing. 3/8 plywood makes the walls. There are metal framing brackets at the corners. We used screws throughout.
    Here we have added the back and the solid part of the floor.
    Now the wire portion. This will be covered with wood for the winter. An air stapler is wonderful for attaching the wire! And I couldn't function without the cordless drill. [​IMG]

    Finished! At least mostly. [​IMG]
    Please excuse the wavy roof. I ran out of roofing nails and haven't got it all attached down yet. You can see the ramp in this shot. It goes up through the wire part of the floor. Took them about 1 day to learn it.
    Doors are made out of 1x3 lumber. I'm using rabbit feeders.
    Inside are 2 perches made of willow, attached with a screw through the plywood wall.

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    No pics show up
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    No pictures ,ahh, finished product looks good though,thanks

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