Homemade feeder

Waterer made from a 4 gallon bucket free from a donut shop and a 20" plastic planter base. Simple to make, just make sure your lid has a good seal, this lid has a rubber gasket that makes for a great seal. It wont work with an ordinary lid. Simply drill one 1/2" hole an inch or two off the bottom of the bucket, make sure it is lower than the rim of the planter base. Bolt/screw the bucket to the base and thats it. One hole is enough you don't need a bunch, one keeps the water in the bucket cleaner and makes it easy to fill. While filling all you need to do is cover the hole with your finger untill you have the lid secured, otherwise you will just overflow the base. No filling and flipping like some.

Feeder made the same as the waterer, only the lid doesnt need a rubber seal. Just drill a series of 1 3/4" holes around the bottom of the bucket, my bucket had small plastic tabs around the circumference of the bottom that made it easy to evenly space my holes. Bolt it to a 20" plastic planter base and it's done. Cost for both was about $12 for 2 planter bases and the buckets were free. If i was doing it over i wouldn't change a thing, works perfectly.