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    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand] www.cmfarm.us[/FONT]​
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    2X4 welded wire cut to size. Not bomb proof but pretty strong an the cage its self only weighs 2 or 3 pounds.

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    I use the tails from where I cut to attach them together an where I dont have tails I rap it with aluminum welding wire.
    I think they cost me like $30 a peace
    [FONT=comic sans ms,sand]I buy 50 foot by 60 inch rolls of wire. I unroll them an measure them to make sure there over 50 feet. There usualy 51 or so.
    Remember 50 feet is 600 inches.
    Tape measure is not needed, I count blocks. Each block is 2 x 4.
    The ends are square so I cut 2 30 block sections leaving tails at each cut. This makes 60 inch by 60 inch squares for the ends.
    I have 480 inches left an need four panels. Two sides, a top an a bottem.
    480'/.4=120 Adjust here if wire is not over 50 feet If it is exactly 50 feet I would Do the math for 49 feet so you can have tails on your cuts. So it would be 468'/.4=117(odd dont work so 116)inch panels.
    So I cut four panels 120 inch or 60 blocks leaving tails.
    Once all sides are together you have a 5 foot by 5 foot by 10 foot cages. Thats as big as you can get out of a 50 foot roll of wire.
    The bottom I cut out a hole in the middle just big enough to fit a plastic tote threw for a house. I also use this hole to add or remove chickens by flipping the cage on its side an then back when I'm threw. It also gives them a dust bath hole. An add a tarp on one side an just barely over the top(0 rain or snow load rating). Add a roost under the tarp.
    Now ya have a 3 pound tractor/breeding cage. I keep 5 hens an a roo in mine. Ya pick up the corner of the cage an grab the eggs.

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