Well hi there! This is my page for the Back Yard Chickens forum. Now admittedly, I'm not really ready to do much yet. My wife and I are in the coop planning stages. We hope to become the owners of a small flock of Barred Plymouth Rocks come spring. Our goal is to raise organic eggs for our own use and, if it turns out to be as enjoyable as we hope, maybe share some with friends (well, sell some to friends).
I will be working on some pictures and some videos for this page today and in the upcoming months.
Hope we can learn some things, share some things and expand our universe of friends.


For more information you can check out my website: MARCUS CAREY DOT COM.
(Oh, by the way, Harriet HATES this picture. She's really much more beautiful in person.)
Wow! It seems like just yesterday when Ijoined this forum and made my first entry. Now I've got the posts set for my coop, a general plan worked out (I never really finish planning things) and pretty soon I'm gonna be building it up from the floor.

I continue to learn a great deal from this site and have also purchased and read a number of books recommended here: Fresh-Air Poultry Houses, but Prince T. Woods, Building Chicken Coops for DUMMIES and Raising Chickens for DUMMIES, both of the last two by Rob Ludlow who owns this website.
I've uploaded videos of our project to another page which I have linked up at the top of this one. I hope you share our joys along the way!
September 19,2012 ALMOST A YEAR'S GONE BY

It's hard to believe, but it was last October when I joined BYC and began the study of raising chickens. We looked through dozens of plans for coops and brooders and eventually found just what we wanted. With a lot of help and a lot of encouragement we got busy. It was a slow go.

We got our flock on April 9, 2012 at one day old. They were spoiled rotten. Now they are almost all laying. Today, September 19, 2012, we got 15 eggs.

We purchased our cartons from one of the vendors on this site, had Staples print our label design and now we are going to start selling eggs.

I figure if I can sell all the eggs we don't eat at $2 per dozen, I can have the coop and equipment paid for in about 134 years.

Thanks to all at BYC. And while I'm no expert, I do have a bunch of experience now and will gladly share with anyone.

Happy henning!