Here are a few pictures of our other family members.

She is a 15 year old DSH. She will talk (meow) back to you if you talk to her.

Kita1.jpg Kita.jpg

He is a 14 yr. old DSH that can be quite a pita when he wants attention.

checkers.jpg checkers1.jpg

She is a 3 yr. old stray we took inwhen we moved here. 1 year ago in Aug she decided to sleep in the trucks engine compartment. We didn't know she was there till after we turned the motor over. After extream and very expensive vet care, she's now has 3 legs. Her original name was Luna. But after the mishap we re-named her Tri-Pod. Oh and Don't tell her she only has 3 legs, she wouldn't beleive you!

TriPod1.jpg TriPod.jpg