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By Unit505 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Unit505
    Jeff & Marie's BYC Page!

    Such a great site! This is my first go round with Chickens and I did allot of research beforehand, but I still have allot to learn. Anyway, we have 14 White Leg Horns and 18 Rhode Island Reds, 7 dogs, a cat, a Ball Python and a bunch of fish! Just sold the goats and donkeys and jumped right into the chickens. We're planning on about 2 dozen eggs a day and we plan on selling what we don't eat to help pay for expenses and maybe put a few bucks in our pockets. Our coop was a weekend build for the innitial set up and we are still putting the finishing touches on and planning for our chicken run. Here are a few pics..........

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