Unnamed coop

By dsbevis · May 15, 2013 · Updated May 15, 2013 · ·
  1. dsbevis

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  1. dsbevis
    We have decided on naming the coop The Silkie Cottage. We have 4 more silkies on the way. Should hatch June 30th.
  2. dsbevis
    Thank you so much for all of the great ideas for names...i will post when we decide on a name. Chickens bring so many smiles..who knew they could be so much fun.
  3. misgallinas6
    florida and soleada inn!!! flowered and sunny one...!!! so much light!! its a gorgeous coop!
  4. Stumpy
    Wow -- that is an incredibly nice coop and run!
  5. celticgarden
    Nice job! I have a list :) Heaven's Gold; The Golden Rose; Yellow Gables; Peace and Plenty; Goldeneye; Sunny Manor; Rise and Shine; Dreamland; Honeysuckle Haven
  6. jksranch
    Silkie Sunshine Cabanna
  7. judyki2004
    Im in love with this coop! you may name it..."Silky Yolks Bed & Breakfast"
  8. nannie
    mom &pops silkey laying ladies.

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