Update On Mama And Her Baby Turkey

By Aw-Ee Chicken · Sep 6, 2015 ·
  1. Aw-Ee Chicken
    It's been a few weeks since you've heard about Mama again. Last said, she was help aiding a sick turkey poult. Things have changed since then.

    Last Sunday, Chickadee had died. Mama didn't realize that for a few days. We'd put her back with the hens, and she was fine for the first day or too. Then we got our Cornish chicks.

    So when she heard peeping (just like Chickadee's) she came running in from her yard and by the coop door, waiting for her chick. I brought her to the chicks and she searched around for hers. Even though she wasn't there, Mama was still excited though.

    Yesterday she sat all day by the door, waiting for me to take her back to her room she had spent with her chick. I think Mama knows she's gone, and just can't understand why.

    With the Cornish X's, the hatchery sent one free chick of any chicken breed of their choice. They sent a turkin, kind of resembles a turkey, I'd read. So I thought this was some kind of coincidence. The meat chickens will grow way faster than the turkin, so someone might have to stay in the room with her before she can go with the hens.

    So I introduce Mama and the chick yesterday. The chick was chirping and Mama, again, bolted in. She eyed the chick for a while, then cautiously started to walk away. They'll get used to each other.

    A good thing; there was a Barred Rock who "baby sat" Chickadee once in awhile while Mama took a break. They roost together now and maybe it means something?

    You can still tell Mama's depressed by her walking and her clucks and her actions. I hope this chick will bring both of our spirits up. For we both spent days with Chickadee; love and miss her very much. It's been a great experience and glad we three shared it together.

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