Ok so this is a continuation to my other page.

Its been almost a year since I started my poultry hobbie, and boy have things changed.
From the 14 quails that I originally had 6 died or got away, but I started hatching their eggs so from them I have another 7 quails so that brings the total to 15, I also hatched so me coturnix from JJMR quails, but most of them I sold them, And hatched some Gambel quails and some chukars but only one of each survided.
I got them a new pen too. On this second picture I decided to add some grasses to make it a little bit more of a natural setting.

On the second picture I added some grasses to make it look more like a natural setting, they love it!

Ok now moving on to my other poultry animals, last year on may 10 I recived my order from Cackle hatchery on 4 Geese and 6 ducks, 21 little chicks, 15 brown egg layers 5 EE hens, and 1 EE roo.

Here they are as babies

And here are they as juveniles