UPDATED: My coop for "A French Hen" - The Run.

  1. chickwhispers

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  1. KikisGirls
    :frow Do you plan on updating this article?
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    1. chickwhispers
      Yes I do, in the meantime, my article labeled: UPDATED: My coop for "A French Hen" - The Run 2 has an update. When I tried to update the original I ran into an issue that wouldn't allow editing at that time. But I do paln on another upate in the spring. Here is a link to the other update.
      The landscaping is only half done at this point. I'm putting rocks all around but only am half done. I need to rent a small back hoe or excavator and level behind the coop & run before putting the stones behind. Never ending as you probably know. Thanks for asking!

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