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    I am a first time baby chick mom. I got the chicks when they were 2 days old. They were born on April 13, 2011.
    I have 3 chicks, Lucy is a New Hampshire Red, Gladys is a Buff Orpington and Pearl is White Leghorn.
    I was searching the web to read about raising chickens and chicken coops and came across the website. I found alot of
    useful information here.
    I love to garden.travel,cooking,wine and workout at the YMCA. I am married to Tom for 4 years now. I am a retired Radiation Therapist but I also work on-call w at a clinic when needed and if I am not traveling. I have a 13 year cat, Frankie who is my best buddy. Frankie passes away April 29. He had kidney failure. I will miss him terribly. He followed me everywhere I went.

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