Hi, I am a new farmer (of the backyard variety). It started a couple of years ago with a tomato in a pot and now it has grown to 2 tilled rows and 5 chickens. Growing your own food is addictive and should be for our commercial agriculture system is unsustainable and control driven. Our local government recently outlawed free range chickens in the city limits, aparently they have been stealing cars and selling drugs, plus a couple of kidnappings a few years ago. Kidding, but they are illegal for some ridiculous bureaucratic reason. I guess have a bit of a rebellious streak in me because that made me want chickens even more. I just recently picked up 5 white rock pullets from my brother-in-law who raises organic chicks to sell feed stores.

This site is AMAZING!!!! I browsed through all of the different designs and descriptions of tractors and compiled everyone elses ingenuity into my very own tractor that fit my needs. It is a very simple and kind of inexpensive design. It required a roll of chicken wire, (which I have come to hate) 2 2X4's, some 3/4" pvc, some 1X2's, some luan, and some screws. Oh and a blue tarp. Anyway, this is the end result. My pullets are thriving in it. When I got them from my brother in law some of them had their tail feathers plucked out because they were in such confined spaces but now they are starting to grow back and the girls couldn't be any happier.

Thanks to everyone on this site for their tidbits of information and wealth of community knowledge!