The coop is now complete and all 8 pullets are living outdoors! The two older girls and six younger girls seem to be getting along okay. The dominant older girl, Rocky, has picked on the young runty chick a bit, but the others have protected her and Rocky hasn't been too agressive. I suppose she is just making sure everyone understands she is in charge!
As the sun went down last night, no one seemed to understand they should go into the coop to sleep... even though most everyone including runty had been up and down the stairs. So, one by one I put them all in the coop carefully and shut the door. This morning I opened the door for them, and the two older birds came out right away, and the six came down within a half hour.
*** *** ***
It is now October and all is well in the coop! The runty one seems to be doing just fine - just smaller then everyone else. Rocky, the eldest Barred Rockat about 6 months old, started laying eggs this week and we are very excited about this! She has decided not to use the nesting box, but rather lays right outside it. This is fine by me since she is still laying just inside the egg door :)