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By UrbanMamaHen · Oct 13, 2012 · Updated Mar 8, 2015 ·
  1. UrbanMamaHen
    I am a chocoholic so all/most of my swap options will be chocolate. I do not keep them on hand. They will be purchased and sent to you when you claim a swap from me so that it will be fresh and delicious for your enjoyment. Please choose one of the following. Some are seasonal and will not always be available. If you are not familiar with See's chocolates and candies, you can read about their products at Sees dot com.

    1. Peanut Brittle Bars (12 oz)

    2. Awesome Walnut Square Bars (12 oz)
    Walnut-lovers will be clamoring for these incredible sweets. Each bite is filled with crunchy English walnuts, buttery caramel, and real vanilla smothered in See's famous aged dark chocolate

    3. Awesome Nut and Chew Bars (12 oz)
    You'll flip over this flavor-packed 1.5 oz. bar. Bite after bite of chewy nougat, almonds, and honey drenched in See's famous aged dark chocolate. The take-it-with-you treat for adults.

    4. Peppermints (8 oz)
    Smooth, rich, cool, and creamy. These refreshing treats take tangy peppermint cream and wrap it in our creamy milk and/or rich dark chocolate.

    5. Molasses Chips
    See's signature Molasses Chips combine a crisp crunchy honeycomb of real molasses on the inside, covered with See's creamy milk or rich dark chocolate on the outside.

    6. Four ounces of sourdough starter and one 1-lb (15 oz.) can of dough enhancer. Baked goods in picture not included :).

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