We are new to chickens and started out with four pullets picked from a big cage full of mixes at a Tractor Supply swap. I tried to pick four birds that all looked very different from each other (we just want chickens and the breed wasn't particuarly important). We lost one of our girls early on after a raccoon attack and it was very traumatic. Since then we have reinforced the coop and added an electric fence. So far so good! We replaced our poor lost girl with another very similar looking pullet and everyone seems to be getting along now.

A recent surprise was to find that our "Maude" was actually a roo! So now we have 3 girls and a boy. We are still learning and I know we have a long way to go....
Click Picture Below to Watch Video - Chickens love the deck and Quentin would love to hang out there with them:

Our Chickens:




The day I bought her and brought her home:

A little older:

Pretty girl now!


Roxie loves to fly!

Click on the picture below of our poor lost Tulip for a bunch of photos of the coop and chickens from the beginning: