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By Herducks · Feb 18, 2013 · Updated Mar 12, 2013 · ·
  1. Herducks
    Info on my trip to VA and the chicken train! Leaving Manistee, MI after work on 13 March. Arriving VA Beach, VA March 15. Leaving VA beach on March 28th, arriving back in MI on the 29th. I will be going to Elizabeth City, NC 16-17 March and Oxford, NC 23-24 March.

    I will be seeing a lot of BYC friends along the way! Crazypetlady, babymakes6, madamwlf, snapnzap, pysankigirl, kytinpusher, doubleatraining, filumene and tdhenson86.


    Times are very tentative!

    March 13 I am picking up chickens from TDHenson86 for CPL/BM6 (evening probably around 8pm)

    March 14 Picking up from CPL/BM6 for Madamwlf, snapnzap, and pysankigirl probably around 10-11am

    March 15 When I deliver chicks to Madamwlf I am picking up for CPL, tdhenson86 and filumene. Morning around 11am Delivering to Snapnzap and pysankigirl. Around 2-3pm

    2 weeks in VA. I will be meeting doubleatraining in N.C. during my visit.

    March 28 or 29th Meeting KYtinpusher to pickup for me,

    March 29th Then delivering chickens from madam to CPL and picking up for me and tdhenson86. Deliver roo from madam to filumene. delivering chicks from CPL and madam to tdhenson then home again!

    I have a few chickens available I can deliver along my route.


    Buff Columbian bantam cochin cockerel:
    Blue bantam cochin cockerel:

    From a silkie/frizzle pen:

    Blue barred rock:

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  1. pysankigirl
    I have 4 week old barnevelder cockerels, that's it. LOL
    I feel inferior...
  2. babymakes6
  3. Snapnzap
    Ok here are some birdies I have available if anyone along the way is interested is a side swap.
    between 3-5 weeks
    16 buff Orpington
    3 BBS white crested polish
    3 barred rock
    2 Swedish flower hens
    2 buff brahma
    1 BLRW
    Between 5 and 8 months
    3 pet quality buff brahma pullets
    1 pet quality gold laced brahma pullet
    1 barred rock pullet
    1 black silkie X pullet ( pretty sure)
    2 silkie X cockerels one white, one black
    these are all from hatchery or various eBay peopl.

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