Valentine's Day Chicks

By BBZZZZTT · May 3, 2018 · ·
    This year I ordered my first ever chicks from Their ship date was February 14! I ordered 5- 3 EEs, 1 SLW, and 1 welsummer. On Feb 16 I received 7 healthy chicks in the mail. At first I was a little overwhelmed because I didn't know who was who, and I had no idea what the extras were. With help from the wonderful community here, the final count was 4 EEs, 2 welsummers, and 1 SLW. So I got an extra EE and welsummer. No arguments here!
    I wanted to put together pictures of their growth from then until now- 7 weeks!
    Feb 16
    Feb 16.jpg

    Feb 20 Feb 20.jpg

    Feb 24 Feb 24.jpg

    March 1
    Mar 1.jpg

    March 5
    Mar 5.jpg

    March 7
    Mar 7.jpg

    March 9
    mar 9.jpg

    March 14 Mar 14.jpg

    March 18
    Mar 18.jpg

    March 26
    Mar 26.jpg

    April 2 April 2.jpg

    April 5
    April 5.jpg

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  1. Bettyboop7499
    Is t it amazing how fast they grow! Thank you for posting this article. I love the last pictures stand up, sit down, stretch! Which ones are which?
      In the last picture, from left to right:
      Lilo, Anna, Kida, Nala, Moana, Elsa, Belle

      Lilo and Moana are welsummers, Elsa is of course SLW, the rest are the EEs.

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