Valentino's Journey
So, one of our 3 Rhode Island Red hens ended up being a rooster. THis became an issue because we can't keep them where we live. I started a mad scramble to post online everywhere and the call and email farms and 4h groups to try to find this guy a home. A co-worker of my wife has parents that live on a farm and agreed to take him.
So here is Valentino (formerly Venus) in the back of our car as we load up for the two hour trip from Belton To Topeka Ks. Yes it felt weird to drive down the highway with a Rooster in the car.

This is Valentino with one of his new coop mates, an Easter egger. THey seemed to get along fine.

Valentino got a demotion. Meet his new boss. THere were a few moments of V being chased around by this guy for a while but things quickly clamed down. V is going to be living in a nenclosed coop part of the time with several female Reds so I guess the demotion was sort of a lateral in the end.