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Vashjir's Swap Page

By Vashjir · Mar 7, 2014 ·
  1. Vashjir
    Hey everyone!
    My name is Phil, and I make soaps. Below are my currently available bars for swap. All my soaps are made using a 'hot process' with a vegetarian blend of natural oils unless specifically noted (message me first if you have allergy concerns, especially to tree nuts). Special requests may be considered.
    Orange Jasmine (with bits of orange zest and jasmine tea for exfoliants):
    Pineapple (smells just like pineapple candy):
    Lavender (with lavender flowers)
    Ginger lemongrass (much greener in person)
    Mango (very sweet smell, colored only with red palm oil)
    'Blue' soap (scent reminiscent of irish spring, contains french green clay for lubrication as a shaving soap, works great as a shower bar too) lather pictured below.

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