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  1. vetgirl00us
    • Fowl Mood Farm
    • Breeder of Quality Bantam and Large Fowl Poultry
    Current Breed List:
    Show Quality Old English Bantams
    1. Quail
    2. Blue Gold Duckwing
    3. Columbian (Black/White)
    4. Birchen
    5. Lemon blue
    6. Brown Red
    7. Blue Red Sport
    8. Lemon Blue Sport
    9. Fawn Silver Duckwing
    10. RedQuill
    11. Blue Ginger
    12. Blue Quail
    13. Silver Blue
    14. Blue Duckwing
    15. Self Blue
    16. Black
    17. Chocolate
    Show Quaility American Seramas
    1. White
    2. Chocolate Laced
    3. cocoapop
    4. Gold Laced
    5. Silver Ginger
    6. Ginger Laced
    7. Black
    8. BB Red
    9. Brown Red
    10. Black Tailed Buff
    11. Spangled
    12. Black/White Mottled
    13. Silkied- various colors
    14. Birchen
    Show Quaility Belgian Bearded D'uccles
    1. Porcelain
    2. Mille Fleur
    3. Goldneck/ Buff Mottled
    4. White
    Show Quaility Blue Jersey Giants
    O Shamos
    Russian Orloffs
    Khaki Sumatra
    Cream Brabanters (coming soon)
    Denizli Longcrowers
    Show Quality Blue and Black Mottled Bantam Cochins
    Light Brahmas Large Fowl
    One Buff Orpington
    Black Sumatra LargeFowl
    Satsumadori (coming soon)

    Birds and hatching eggs often for sale. Email @ [email protected] or PM on BYC site! ​

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