Vickibiros Chicken Coop

  1. vickibiro
    My husband and I started our chicken coop last year with the help of information we found here on BYC. His ideas were always bigger than mine and he came up with this design


    He built this small model on a rainy day because he was anxious to get started and had to do something. We started construction in May, 2010, here are a few of the pics of construction underway


    That's him, my sweet man working on the coop he designed for me, my little Victorian house for his Victoria


    It was at this point in construction that I went outside to see him after speaking to him and only taking the time for a change of clothes. He had a sudden massive heart attack and I found him behind the coop, gone, no movement, no struggle, just gone. At this point members of my church, his friends and family joined in finishing the work of art he had started.


    inside the coop


    After about 6 weeks of visitors, plenty of iced tea and company to cry on the coop was finished and one day I walked out on the porch after a storm to see this image


    The girls love their home and are happy, spoiled chickens. I have had no neighbor complaints and am learning about caring for them while I learn to care for myself. I wanted to share these pictures with everyone last year but I just didn't have the energy to sit and write this all out. Now doing so is bittersweet. Hope you enjoyed viewing our palace.

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  1. DiannaDi
    Wow, thank you for sharing. And your coop is beautiful!
  2. OKVet
    Such a beautiful coop and a wonderful tribute to your husband. Thank you so much for sharing.
  3. RodNTN
    Awesome coop! Bittersweet story :)
  4. boomercide
    Awesome coop! Can't wait too someday build a new one my self
  5. Littlerob
    The rainbow was your husband telling you he likes the coop and that he is ok and in heaven.
  6. NanaKat
    Vickibiro, what a lovely coop! Your husband has given you a beautiful reminder of his love and devotion. May the sight of your hens enjoying his gift bring you comfort.
  7. orpington13
    So sorry for your loss!
  8. RezChamp
    Wow. I got really choked-up. Especially when I saw the rainbow.
    Even just that(coop)part of his legacy is beautiful.
    It occurs to me that beauty is inside of us. His deisign shows this, as does what I have read of what you've seen in him. That spot reserved for him in heaven must be stupendously beautiful.

    Your story reminds me of my Nana telling me "Always be grateful for your day."
    Today I am grateful for you sharing this story.

    I don't have the words to truly express my heart.
    My wish is that you continue this life that was given to you and enjoy the beauty that in part was left to you by your dearly departed. I can only hope that I would leave such a beautiful story when I'm called home.
    Wonderful, wonderful people coming to help. You are blessed, as are they.
  9. SHERRING7712
    I am so sorry for your loss. The coop is absolutely beautiful and I'm so glad that you had the support of people around you to help complete his gift to you. I wish you the very best and hope that time and the continued presence of your chickens and their beautiful home helps to give you comfort.
  10. Coop de Grass
    I am so sorry for your loss. I know that words cannot express the tragedy that you have experienced. What a lovely husband you had/have. And what incredible friends and family you have. I hope that you find peace and happiness, and love. Eventually those memories will stop being bittersweet and become happy. Because he was doing this for you.

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