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By chicken-herder · Feb 15, 2014 · Updated Feb 15, 2014 · ·
  1. chicken-herder
    After 3 weeks of intense graft the coop is up and my three Sussex light chicks have a home of their own! :yiipchick I have had just about enough of their stinky butts in my passage! At 6 weeks they seem to be fine outside. Cape Town has warm evening temperatures this time of year. I wanted something simple but aesthetically pleasing and decided to design a coop that is quite plain but with some Victorian accents.
    This being my first foray into anything of this kind- we did needlework- not woodwork at school!- the project saw more than just a bit of blood sweat and tears!!- and all my nails are gone! I hope the chicks appreciate the sacrifice! :p
    I used exterior ply for the walls that was attached to a internal pine skeleton. The coop measures +~ 90 x 130 cm. The roof is covered with a tar treated material- I would have loved shingles- but these are not readily available in South Africa.
    Besides the front door it has large access doors at the back for room service and cleaning.
    Time will tell what should have been done differently, at this stage I am pleased with how the coop has turned out- once it has made it through the winter rains I will be super pleased!!!

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  1. 21hens-incharge
    "Super cute!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 8, 2018
    The details are inspirational. I would have loved pictures of the inside and more measurements. Very pretty indeed.
  2. Texas Kiki
    "Cute small coop"
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Jul 1, 2018
    Looks nice. Has it bee. Big enough for you?


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  1. BoereMeisie
    Wow, that is STUNNING!
  2. chicken-herder
    Aw, thanks! It really was blood, sweat and tears... And the last nail broke off this morning- but it is well worth seeing the little chicken faces looking at me through the Perspex- haha,
  3. Bogtown Chick
    That coop is simply masterful. Wow is right!
  4. chicken-herder
  5. joan1708
    very pretty. what does the inside look like?
  6. chicken-herder
    Thank you it is minimal inside- I stopped myself before I started any decorating! Two roosts- one square the other a actual branch and there is space for 2 nesting boxes. It is however covered in floral linoleum- I couldn't stop myself!
  7. chickwhispers
    Very nice Victorian!
  8. featherweightmn
    Too cute! LOL!!
  9. judyki2004
    Love it! Please post some photos of the interior!

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