Victorian Porch Coop

By BedlamsEndFarm · May 20, 2012 · ·
  1. BedlamsEndFarm
    Victorian Porch Coop My wife sells architectural salvage. This is a Victorian porch. I put it back together and added a roof and nesting boxes. When it gets colder, I will add a small inner house, to roost in. [​IMG]

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  1. marxmail
    How cool! Very creative.
  2. joan1708
    Unique and Interesting! BUT, it won't keep predators from reaching in to terrorize your chickens and it won't stop mice and rats from eating and contaminating your feed. Also, looks like coons could dig under it. Sorry to rain on your parade. You could use hardware cloth to fix most of your coops vulnerabilities. Electric wire may help. A 2 ft solid wall corner for the chickens to go if something threatens them would be nice.

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