Village of Hartland, WI Chicken Ordinance

The A-1 agricultural/holding district is intended to provide for the continuation of general farming and related uses in those areas of the village that are not yet committed to urban development. It is further intended for this A-1 district to protect lands contained therein from urban development until their orderly transition into urban-oriented districts is warranted and/or necessary.

Are chickens allowed in this area?
~Yes both in residential and agricultural zones
Max chickens allowed
~2 Chickens per person/household/land/parcel in residential zones
~20 head of poultry in agricultural/holding districts per 1.5 acres
Roosters Allowed
~No in residential zones
~Yes in agricultural/holding districts
Permit Required
~Yes only under a residential zone, must be renewed annually
Coop/Structure Restrictions
~None in residential zones
~Agriculture District: Farm buildings housing animals, barnyards and feedlots shall not be located in a floodplain and shall be at least 100 feet from any navigable water or floodplain district boundary.
~Not more than one roadside stand for the sale of farm products
Lot area and width regulations in the A-1 district are as follows:
Existing residential structures and farm dwellings remaining after the consolidation of existing farms shall provide a lot area of not less than 40,000 square feet and a lot width of not less than 120 feet.
Farm structures erected, moved or structurally altered after the effective date of the ordinance from which this chapter is derived shall provide a contiguous area of not less than five acres, and no farm parcel shall be less than 200 feet in width.
~No building or parts of a building in the A-1 district shall exceed 60 feet in height. No farm dwelling or other residential structure in the A-1 district shall be less than 1,200 square feet in area or exceed 35 feet in height.
Yard regulations in the district are as follows:
Rear yard: Not less than 50 feet.
Side yard: On each side of the principal structure, not less than 25 feet in width.
Street yard: A minimum of 50 feet from the right-of-way of all public streets.
Shore yard: See section 46-16.

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Additional Information
~PERMITTED USES. 1. General farming, including agriculture, dairying, floriculture, forestry, grazing, hay, orchards, truck farming, and viticulture. 2. Keeping and raising of domestic stock for agribusiness, show, breeding or other purposes incidental to the principal use of the premises subject to the following limitations:
~The keeping and raising of hogs or fur-bearing animals, except rabbits are prohibited.
~Not more than one herd of livestock is permitted per two acres in an agriculture district
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