Daily dosage recommendations can be confusing, but thanks to BYC, chicken-keeping does not have to be. With only a small daily dosage of time, anyone can access a wealth of information as inexhaustible as is cleaning under the roosts.

Key benefits associated with 30 minutes a day spent at BYC:
  1. Acquisition of knowledge. Where else can you obtain the equivalent of a PhD in chickenship and related endeavors?
  2. Beat the learning curve. For some, the first few months of chicken ownership are not unlike riding a jet-ski through a hurricane. BYC is a proven invaluable resource that can create knowledge almost as quickly as it counteracts ignorance in all things pertaining to poultry.
  3. Enjoyment. I tried reading a library book about chickens. Honestly, BYC is more fun.
  4. Specifics. Becoming an expert on the topic of chicken toenails may not have been a choice, but thanks to BYC, it was at least an option.
  5. Flock safety. Thanks to BYC-related research, I am convinced that my chickens’ coop is safer than my house, and quite possibly cleaner than my house as well.
  6. A chuckle a day. Or an hour, depending on how many silkie or frizzle pictures that you are able to find.
  7. Keeping it simple. The simplicity of chickens does nothing if not to add complexity to all you thought you knew about keeping them. Pursuit of the simple life will route you to BYC every time.
  8. Distraction. After all, chickens distract you from your problems by telling you about theirs. In addition to your own chickens’ problems, other people’s chickens can only contribute to and therefore add value to your distraction.
  9. Lights out, flashlights on. Your flock may have gone to bed, but the sun is always up for all things relevant to chicken entertainment at BYC.
  10. Validation. Your immediate family, friends, and relatives may think you have truly gone off the deep end with your personal version of low-level chicken obsession, but BYC contributors will typically welcome you with open wings and understanding hearts. We all more or less share the same problem.
  11. THE CHICKENS. It’s why we do what we do. Which, as a general rule, is way too much, but we have to.

Hats off to BYC and all of the wonderfully knowledgeable contributors who write articles, answer questions, and rise up with patience to answer the desperate squawking of those of us who are new to chicken entrepreneurship. Confidently riding on the shoulders of those whose knowledge has been forged through experience, we can march forward with courage to match the raging hormones of roosters, keep predators at bay, and wage war on the near-invisible enemy forces of grain mites. Without a healthy daily serving of BYC, my chickens would not be as spoiled as they believe they deserve. Because time spent at BYC is time well-invested to (and for) the chickens, we can now only stand in daily danger of incremental overdose.

BYC – what a great flock!