Hello! I am very new to chickens, and this forum!
We have just purchased our first new chicks 2 weeks ago...and they are such a hoot to have!
When we got our bunch of fluff...after three days one of them died.
She was a Buff Rock chick, and just seemed to want to sleep every minute...although when the others moved, she was right along with them, eating and pecking and peeping. I'm not sure what as wrong with her...tried to give her food and water on the second night when I figured out that she was weak...however, she was gone by the next morning. We were sad....
Since then we purchased two more chicks...all of them are about 3 and a half weeks old now, and thriving!
My question is...I was reading how it is good to provide grit for my chicks, (for help with digestion).
I have them on chick starter food, and all the clean water they can drink....with some outside time when the weather is warm enough.
However, I have never put any grit into their brooder...I was never informed by the farm and garden to do this for them! All he said was the starter food, and clean water was all that they needed, also not to handle them for two weeks so that they can adapt.
Well, tonight after reading that they need this to help them digest food, I went outside and got a small bowl of sand, and placed it in their brooder, next to their food..........they ate the entire thing!
How much is too much?
I kinda freaked out when I went back 15 minutes later and it was gone!
Was I depriving them before and now they are trying to catch up?
Or did I just do something terribly wrong...and now am needing to worry?
They seem fine, and are eating their baby chick food still...but I guess I have a tendancy in being worse than a, "momma hen", sometimes....I'd just rather be more safe than sorry.
Thank you for any advise!