[FONT=times new roman,times]Hello all! glad you dropped in to check out the Vt. Chicks! I'm new to all this so if it is'nt what you expeckted, I apologize. We're just getting into raising chickens, and never realized how much fun it is. My wife Karen loves 'em,,,,,,,,,,,,me too. We did the coop from a design in my head. Took about 3 days to complete, the exterior nest box(es) were from BYC.com. A great idea! It's 6x8, 3 roosts, a poop board, and 2 doors.They run in one and out the other, kinda like kids. It's got a good sized run, that we're adding onto very soon. I tried to run 150 feet of poultry net in the edge of the woods, and surround everything, but between the black flies, mosquitoes, and my temper, I think for now it's easier to "let 'em run". Most of the time we just let them run any where they want, if we're home. They MIGHT go all of 25 feet into the woods behind the coop, and hang out in the ferns. There's a dead branch in there about 1 foot off the ground, and they like roosting on it. The black and orange cockeral, "Lucky" did'nt make it home one night,, around here, we have fox, bobcat, coyotes, bear, moose, deer, and turkeys up the ying yang,,,,,hence his name. The orange cockeral is Percy, and the splash is Blue. 3 roosters, 5 hens,,,,,,,,,,,so 2 cockerals will be leaving. Friends want 'em for thier flocks. They're true Orpingtons