My name is Dawn, I am a RVT, and I live with my boyfriend in Norco, CA. Our family consists of 1 horse, 3 dogs and 3 cats, and 3 fish. My flock of consists of 19 chickens and 20 Coturnix Quail: Game Hen, EE/SilkieX, Silkies, Blue Orpington, SeramaX, Australorps.
I've raised geese and ducks when I was younger, but this is the first time hatching and raising chicken and quail. My other hobbies include Motorcycling (used to race WSMC), Dirtbiking, Guitar, Piano, DIY projects around the house, Gardening, Cooking and Equitation (endurance, dressage, show jumping).

Here is the beautiful coop/run that my wonderful boyfriend built for us. He built it from the ground up. He takes all the credit for this amazing coop. The chickens and I just love it so much.

Here you can see the pvc/nipple watering system - this is less messy and wasteful than the regular water bowls. The pvc goes under the last panel because that panel will be cut out and lead into the second run, then it goes into the coop where there will be two nipples in there.

To the right of the coop (where the plant is) is where the addition will be. Here is the nest door open - that's where I can collect the eggs that they lay in the nests
It will extend out 8+ feet (as far as possible).
(well, that's the plan anyways!)

UPDATE: 12/9/09
Still have some finishing touches to complete on the extension to make it look nice, but the chickens are all moved in and loving it. This is the doorway into the extension run and the chickens happily checking out their new play area.