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By WA4-Hpoultrymom · Jan 11, 2012 · Updated Jan 23, 2012 · ·
  1. WA4-Hpoultrymom
    We first got into chickens back in 2004, and our oldest DD joined 4-H in the poultry project so the whole family could learn more about keeping chickens. We started with 3 mutt birds given to us by a co-worker of my DH. Today we have around 100 birds. We have 8 coops, 4 grow out pens and 4 brooders.
    Birds we are working on include the following (click to see more on each of our breeds + photos:
    Blue Laced Red Wyandottes
    Crele Old English Game Bantams
    Bantam Cochins in Blue Black & Splash and soon Lavender
    Large Fowl Lavender Project Ameraucana
    Blue & Black English style Orpingtons
    Lavender Project Orptingtons
    Coming soon: Blue Black & Splash Marans, Lavender Cuckoo Olive Eggers and Seramas
    Some of our coops

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  1. Chickielady
    Come on Tamara ! Set up your coop !
    People wanna see those nice birds you have !!!

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