Waiting for a bus !

By Shabana · Aug 10, 2013 · Updated Aug 11, 2013 · ·
  1. Shabana
    Hey there !

    Thought I'd post a few photos of my little two little flocks and their antics. I love my chickens. From the first moment I saw them I became all 'mother hen-like' and I,ve never looked back !

    At the moment I have Mabel and Ginger sitting on 21 eggs which are a mixture of andalusian and silkie and a couple of black wyandottes - they are due Aug 17th so wish me luck !!!

    This is Boots, I think shes wondering if what I,m holding is edible :)

    Penny, Latte, Scrat, Boots, and Truffle looking they are waiting for a bus or something :D and below the perch are Guinness and Burger :)

    Slipper :)


    Two birds in a bush ! (Tilly and Millie)
    Mabel - off her eggs for catch up with the gossip and a quick lunch :)

    Fingers crossed for some chicks soon and of course piccies to follow !

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  1. hashworld
    I am flipping through and enjoying old posts on this forum. Lovely chickens and pictures. Hope you had some great chicks hatched.
  2. Whittni
    ^Agreed, thanks for sharing!
  3. earlybird10842
    They are lovely birds!

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