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By waldeneffect · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. waldeneffect
    The Walden Effect is a blog that my boyfriend and I started at the beginning of our third year on the farm in order to document our journey into self-sufficient homesteading and voluntary simplicity. Chickens are a big part of this journey, starting with five laying Golden Comets which we got in 2007 and expanding this year to include 2 more Golden Comet pullets, 2 White Cochin pullets, and 3 Plymouth Rock pullets. When one of the White Cochin "pullets" started to crow, we embarked on our journey into meat-chickens...
    Mark is always working on innovations in the chicken world. He built our chicken tractors for a couple of bucks apiece out of found objects (including a drier turned into a nest box.) Currently, he's working on developing an automated chicken-watering system which requires no hoses, lasts a day or two, and doesn't get dirty. Stay tuned to our blog for breaking news. :)
    --- Anna​

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