Walking Your Chicken On A Leash~The Basics

Want to learn how to walk your chicken on a leash? Here are the basics!
By AnimalGeek23 · Apr 15, 2018 · Updated Apr 17, 2018 ·
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    Have you ever thought about walking your chicken on a leash? Yes, it's possible to train those fuzzballs how to walk on a leash! Here are the basics!
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    The Chicken Saddle
    Wait until your chicken is matured and living out of the brooder, and they should be used to the environment around them. During the first few weeks of training your chickens, place a chicken saddle on your chicken daily. Yes, they will freak out at first, but after a while, they get used to something on their back. The point of this step is so that the chicken won't fuss when you put the harness on.

    The Leash And Harness
    Once your chicken is settled down, it might or might not allow you to put the harness on. Use the two large holes on the side to gently pull its wing into. Use a soothing voice to calm the chicken down if it starts squawking uncontrollably. If your chicken does not let you put the harness on, give them a few more days with the chicken saddle. For the leash, you can use a thin cat or dog leash, or you can get a chicken leash here.

    Walking Your Chicken
    Now, this is the hard part of training! Walking your chicken can be difficult, but it's worth the time and effort. During the first few days of training, hold the leash loosely and follow your chicken wherever it goes. On the 4th day or so, gently give your chicken some minor corrections of where to go. At the last day of the week, start gently pulling on the leash and talking in an encouraging voice. Hold your hand out reassuringly and walk slowly. If your chicken is comfortable with you, this should not be a problem. Use treats as a bribe, too. Never pull on the leash forcefully; that can hurt the chicken.

    The Point Is...?
    Most of you might be thinking, What's the point of this? Well, if you take your chickens to any events, holding your chickees the whole time can be messy. Leashes can be the clean way of that(and relieving way, too). Some people don't like free ranging their chicken every day, so leashes can be great for that! It’s basically a free range if you follow them. Leashes can be a great solution to predators during free ranging, too. The bonus point for me is that you can have fun with your chickens!
    Leashing your chickens might not be for everyone, but will you walk your chicken on a leash?

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