1. Mary Of Exeter
    Wishlist for 2010:

    Most importantly...
    - SQ Orpingtons (LF). Buff and all other colors. I would love to get some of the project colors to work with. Contact me if you are a breeder.
    - SQ D'Uccles. Mille Fleur and Porcelain are my favorite colors.
    - Blue OEGBs. I like other colors but I need these for a project.
    - Silky Ameraucanas and SQ Ameraucanas. NOT EE's.
    But would also like to have...
    - Light Sussex and Coronation Sussex. I know a local place to get these, but this is DEFINITELY a wish. I'll never be able to afford the Coronations! :(
    - Jersey Giants. Blue and/or black.

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