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  1. Rezia
    Hey everyone! Here's a new RP; SparrowClan, RavenClan, and FinchClan.


    Sparrow Clan: Like RiverClan, the clan members are excellent swimmers. As soon as the kits are apprenticed, they are taught how to swim. They live on a small island in the middle of a tiny lake. The island is shaded with pretty trees, bringing wonderful shade in the summer months.

    Raven Clan: This clan always reminds me of ShadowClan. They are powerful, bad tempered, and good fighters. They live in the darkest part of the woods. It barely ever gets any light. There is a small stream running through their territory.

    Finch Clan: A clan much like WindClan, this clan is quick; of flight and temper. They live in a stand of trees in Golden Meadow. There is a cool pond near their camp. They never swim, so they have soft, kittypet-like fur. Most of them, anyways.


    Current Plot:
    FinchClan has been attacked! Not by the rival clans, but by foxes! Two rouge foxes; one has been eliminated, but the other may come back for revenge. RavenClan has attacked SparrowClan! Which Clan will you join? Will you defend your territory, or try to take more? Will you stay neutral, or fight?


    Keep in Mind:
    • Warriors are generally 12-50 moons old
    • Elders are mostly 50+ moons old
    • Kits are 0-6 moons old
    • When a kit becomes 6 moons old, they are anointed a mentor to train them as an apprentice
    • A queen is in the same age group as the warriors
    • A queen is a warrior expecting or nursing kits
    • There can only be one leader, deputy, medicine cat, and med cat apprentice, per clan
    • There can be multiple warriors, queens, kits, and elders in the clans

    All questions with a * beside them are required in the signup form!

    Warrior Sign-up:
    *Clan of Choice:
    *Apprentice (If any):
    *Short Description of Appearance or Picture:
    *Attitude (What do they act like? Any special characteristics to add?):
    *Family Tree (IE mate, kits, former apprentices, parents, etc.):
    *Your BYC Username:

    Queen Sign-up:
    *Clan of Choice:
    *Short Description of Appearance or Picture:
    *Attitude (What do they act like? Any special characteristics to add?):
    *Family Tree (IE mate, kits, former apprentices, parents, etc.):
    *Your BYC Username:

    Apprentice Sign-up:
    *Clan of Choice:

    *Short Description of Appearance or Picture:
    *Attitude (What do they act like? Any special characteristics to add?):
    *Family Tree (IE mate, kits, former apprentices, parents, etc.):
    *Your BYC Username:


    THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED DAILY!!! {Updated 01-30-13}

    Sparrow Clan:
    Winterstar - Pure white pelt and icy blue eyes. (Rezia)

    Leopardfur - A golden spotted tabby she-cat. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Medicine Cat:
    Speckledpelt - A grey, white, and black peppered pelt with green eyes. (Rezia)

    Medicine Cat Apprentice:
    Quailpaw -
    A sleek, white she-cat heavily dappled with brown. Very subtle black spots on her chest and bright amber eyes. Somewhat resembles a brown coturnix quail. Sleek and flexible, loves the smell of herbs. Can be shy, and a little quiet but very curious and loves to explore.

    Hazelstorm - A tan tabby with soft, hazel eyes. Apprentice is Softpaw. (Rezia)

    Aspensnake - A pure black tom with thorn-sharp claws and harsh green eyes. Mate is Heathermoon. Kit is Goosepaw. (Rezia)

    Cinderfrost – He has a pewter-grey pelt with bengal markings. Piercing dark grey-blue eyes. Apprentice is Ivypaw. Mate is Dovewing. (SilkiesForEver)

    Furyheart – He is a midnight-black pelted tom with a short temper. His eyes seem to burn into the very depths of your mind, they are so black. He is extremely well muscled, and spends his spare time practicing his battle moves on the training beach. (Rezia)

    Hawknoon – A white-brown-tan pelted tom with a severe crush on Rainmoss. His pelt is very hard to look at, causing prey to almost look straight through him, and making stalking easy. His light-blue eyes are as wavering as his pelt; constantly moving back and forth, as if there was a bug flying over his head, back and forth. (Rezia)

    Rainmoss – A young she-cat, just becoming a warrior a moon ago. Her fighting skills surpassed her other training-mates. She became a warrior a moon before the others. She has a mottled brown-amber pelt with flecks of black. Her eyes are a warm brown. (Rezia)

    Heathermoon – She is a sweet cat, a great warrior, and a wonderful mentor to her single kit, Goosepaw. She has soft brown fur and light amber eyes. Mate is Aspensnake. (Rezia)

    Goldheart – He is a strong cat with amazing battle skills. His eyes are a golden-amber and his pelt looks like pure gold in the sunlight. Mate is Flashdown. Kits are Orangekit, Greykit, and Fallkit. Previous apprentice is Rainmoss.

    Hawkmoon – A lean, sharp-looking cat with a personality to match. His words are few, and often angry. He keeps to himself most of the time. His dark brown pelt helps him blend in with the forest. He is a very good warrior. He has brown-amber eyes that glare most of the time.

    Sparrowheart -

    Fallenpelt - A buff, tabby tom with swirls of colour on his pelt. It often looks like he’s got colourful fall leaves stuck all over him. His eyes are a swirl of amber and brown. He’s quite the optimistic cat, too. His mate is Snowclaw. He has no kits. (Rezia)

    Treegreen - Treegreen is a beautiful cat with a great sense of humor. Her mottled brown white and black pelt stands out wherever there are a lot of cats, but blends in with the underbrush. Her eyes are a light grey. The same colour as dawn. She does not have a mate, or kits. (Rezia)

    Snowclaw - A cheerful cat, she tries to make the best out of every little thing. She’s a good cat to have around when your clan is going hungry. She is an amazing hunter despite her blazing-white pelt. Her eyes are a pretty, sky-blue. Her mate is Fallenpelt. She has no kits. (Rezia)

    Cloudpelt - Cloudpelt is a sweet young cat. Her pretty grey pelt helps her blend in while swimming in the lake. She is stealthy and quiet while hunting. She has soft, greyish-blue eyes. Apprentice is Jewelpaw. Mate is Hawkmoon. Kits are Basilpaw, Thymepaw, and Jewelpaw. (Rezia)

    Softpaw - Soft grey pelt and piercing blue eyes. Mentor is Hazelstorm. (Rezia)

    Goosepaw – A white pelted cat with random bluish-brown speckles all over his fur. He has green eyes with amber specks in them. His mentor (and mother) is Heathermoon. (Rezia)

    Ivypaw – He is a lanky tom with reddish-brown fur and deep amber eyes. Mentor is Cinderfrost. (Rezia)

    Thymepaw – Thymepaw is a tan tom with black-tipped paws and tail. His blue-green eyes are a flirt with the young she-cat apprentices. Mentor is Hawkmoon. (Rezia)

    Hazelpaw – She is a stockily built, tan she-cat with a nasty temper. You do not want to get on her bad side. She has hazel-green eyes that seem to bore into you're very soul. Her mentor is Aspensnake. (Rezia)

    Jewelpaw – Jewelpaw has an interesting past. She was a kittypet when she was a kit. She wandered out into the forest and never came back to her two-legs. Winterstar found her wandering through the forest and took her in. She grew up alongside Basilpaw and Thymepaw as their sister. Cloudpelt is her adopted mother. She has a pure-white pelt and icy-blue eyes. Mentor is Cloudpelt. (Rezia)

    Owlpaw – He is a grey-black tom with hazel-blue eyes. He is very strong and can se extremely well at night. His mentor is Goldheart. (Rezia)

    Basilpaw – He has a dappled brown coloured pelt and deep blue eyes. His tail is a little shorter than the other apprentice's tails, so he is picked on a bit.

    Current Queens:
    Dovewing – She has a snow-white pelt with flecks of grey and tan on her ears and tail. Soft green eyes. (SilkiesForEver)

    Flashdown – An incredibly quick she-cat with a pretty, grey pelt. She has soft, green eyes that seem to calm a great number of cats down. Her mate is Goldheart, and her kits are Orangekit, Greykit, and Fallkit. (Rezia)

    Dovekit – She has pure white fur and deep amber eyes. (SilkiesForEver)

    Cinderkit – He has a dark brown pelt and dark grey eyes. (SilkiesForEver)

    Orangekit – A tom-kit with a fiery red pelt, and a temper to match it. His eyes are a blazing amber. So bright, it looks like he wants to burn a hole right through you. Mother is Flashdown. (Rezia)

    Greykit – This tom-kit is just like his mother. Gentle, caring, kind, etc. He has a light grey pelt and handsome grey-blue eyes. His mother is Flashdown. (Rezia)

    Fallkit – Fallkit is a sleek she-kit who is even faster than her mother. Considering her being so young, that's quite a feat. She has a soft, thick grey pelt and gorgeous grey-blue eyes. Mother is Flashdown. (Rezia)

    Hawkeye – Hawkeye is a wise old cat. He has seen many battles between clans and rivals. An unfortunate souvenir of one of those battles is his blindness in one eye. His othe eye, however, is incredibly strong, seeing farther and better than any other cat in the clan. He became an elder due to that battle and old age. His mate is Cinderdown. Grown kits are Heathermoon, Rainmoss, and Hawknoon. Old apprentices are Sparrowheart and Fallenpelt. (Rezia)

    Cinderdown - Cinderdown is a blind she-cat. Her eyes, over the years have faded from a bright blue, to a grey-blue. She is the oldest cat in the camp; over 80 moons old. Her light brown fur is thick and soft. Her mate is Hawkeye. Grown kits are Heathermoon, Rainmoss, and Hawknoon.

    Halloweve - A very secretive she-cat. She talks little, and when she does, it's most likely to give someone orders. She's not very kind to anyone. No-one knows why she's so mean, but there are some rumors. (Like her murdering her mate, kits, father, etc.) The rumors might or might not be true. Her yellowed black fur gives her an evil look, and her eyes are so brown, they look coal black.

    Raven Clan:

    Jaystar - A slender, light footed blue-grey tom with one white paw and cold, ice blue eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Spiderclaw - A long legged, slim black tom with lightning fast reflexes and narrow green eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Medicine Cat:
    Sagewhisker - A fluffy, gray and white she-cat with an unusually short clipped tail. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Medicine Cat Apprentice:

    Sunstream - A bulky, light ginger tom with a knicked ear and a scar across the bridge of his nose. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Snakeheart - A black and grey striped tabby tom with an unusually cruel temper. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Darkstripe - A muscular black tom with silver stripes across his back and head. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Ivytail - A black and white she-cat with a narrow, pointed face and green eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Snowbird - An unusually white she-cat with broad shoulders and a black tipped tail. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Stormfur - A muscular, dark grey tom with thick, fluffy fur and a battered pelt. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Runningbrook - A slender, agile, light brown she-cat with pale green eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Breezepelt - A tall, rather large, dark gray tom with unusually long front and back claws. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Ashfire – A tom, deeply devoted to his mate, Gorsestream, and his kits. He has thick, midnight-black fur and deep amber eyes. He is well musculed and very smart. (Rezia)

    Flamepaw - A muscular, bright ginger tom with yellow eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Lizzardpaw - A slender, snappy she-cat with flecks of light grey. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Icepaw - A silvery grey tabby she-cat with a slim figure and sharp blue eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Rainpaw - Similar to a siamese. (OwlLover)

    Timberpaw – A sneaky and sly she-cat. She has a mottled brown-black pelt that blends in with the forest and plains. She has bright blue eyes that seem to glow in the dark. Gorsestream's apprentice. (Rezia)

    Goldpaw – A young she-cat who's wisdom is far beyond her years. She has deep amber eyes that seem to burn into your mind and uncover your deepest, darkest secrets. Her golden-brown pelt glows in the sun. Ashfire is her mentor. (Rezia)

    Current Queens:
    Nightdapple - A small, slender black she-cat with a long, skinny tail. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Willowpelt - A sturdy grey she-cat with pale grey stripes and blue eyes. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Gorsestream – A beatiful tan she-cat with emerald green eyes and a black patch around her eye. (Rezia)

    Adderkit - Dark brown tabby tom. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Crowkit - Charcoal grey tom. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Hollykit – A almost-all black she-kit with a white patch around her yellow-green eyes. Mother is Gorsestream. (Rezia)

    Thornkit – A stocky, tan tom-kit with eyes so dark green, they're almost black. Mother is Gorsestream. (Rezia)

    Brookkit – A slender, black and tan spotted she-kit with yellow-hazel eyes. Mother is Gorsestream. (Rezia)

    Firekit – A strong, fire-red pelted tom-kit with deep amber eyes. Mother is Gorsestream. (Rezia)

    Greypool - A skinny grey she-cat with patchy fur and cloudy grey eyes, blind. (ChickieBooBoo)

    Duskcloud - A pale brown tabby she-cat with darker brown stripes. (ChickieBooBoo)


    Finch Clan:

    Thunderstar - She has a flame-colored pelt and piercing blue-green eyes. She has darker paws, ears, and tail-tip. (CayugaLover)

    Goldenheart - She has a brown pelt, with golden-brown belly and muzzle, and she has a black/brown stripe from her ears to the tip of her tail, and black/brown paws. She has amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Medicine Cat:
    Echowhisper - Brown she-cat with patches of dark brown, light brown and white. Her eyes are blue. (chickenarmy)

    Medicine Cat Apprentice:
    Moonpaw - She's a rare albino, she has a perfectly white pelt and amber-red eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Mousefur - He has mousy grey-brown fur, amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Dapplestorm - A black cat with random white splotches with yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Birdsong - Cream coloured she-cat with greyish-brown stripes. (chickenarmy)

    Darkblizzard - He has a strikingly white pelt with faint grey stripes and dark grey paws and tail, blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Duckflight – She has a black pelt, a few scattered white speckles on chest, dark amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Rainstripe - He's grey with blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Padprints – He has brown and white spotted fur, blue eyes (CayugaLover)

    Darkheather - he has very broad shoulders and big paws, black/purple fur, and peircing dark green eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Foxears - she’s coppery-brown with black-tipped tail and ears and a white tipped tail, not unlike a fox. Amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Coyotefur – He has grey pelt, yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Windstorm – She has grey fur, very pale blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Swangrace – She has silver-white pelt with brown-amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Lionpelt – He has golden-brown fur, dark yellow eyes. His left ear is torn. (CayugaLover)

    Thunderfury – She has dark grey pelt with dark blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Dawnheart – She has a soft, grey/dawn-coloured pelt and grey/blue eyes. She is blind. Was destined to be a medicine cat, but became an excellent warrior. Her ability to for see the future is medicine cat quality, and her warrior skills are unmatched. Wants to eventually mentor Hazelpaw. (Rezia)

    Ivypaw - Black fur, green eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Longpaw - He's brown with brown-amber eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Sorrelpaw – She has dark ginger fur, yellow-green eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Ashpaw – He has grey fur with black tabby stripes, very pale yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Eaglepaw - She's blue-black with white paws and a white stripe down her back from her ears to the tip of her tail, golden-yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Hazelpaw - she’s dark red with hazel-green eyes (CayugaLover)

    Falconpaw – She has pale ginger fur with yellow eyes (CayugaLover)

    Current Queens:
    Morningsong - Blue-grey fur and blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Willowbranch - She has a dappled pelt of many colors, green eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Autumnbreeze - she's dark amber with brown tabby stripes, green eyes (CayugaLover)

    Stonekit - Small grey kit with blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Bramblekit - Small brown and grey kit with green eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Cliffkit - Small reddish-brown and grey kit with blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Birchkit - He's white with dark grey spots, blue eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

    Flightkit - She has a fire colored pelt with black spots, green eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

    Owlkit – She's grey with black spots, blue eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

    Squirrelkit – He's white with brown spots, grey paws and tail, green eyes. Willowbranch's kit. (CayugaLover)

    Unborn Kits:
    Dovekit – She's white with blue eyes

    Kindlekit – She's reddish-brown with green eyes

    Littlekit – He's siamese-coloured, green eyes

    Lilykit – She's white with tiny light brown flecks, blue eyes

    Elkspirit - Creamy white fur with long ears and brown and and a few black stripes. (chickenarmy)

    Greywhiskers - White with yellow-green eyes, he's missing a leg. (CayugaLover)

    Whisperwind - Similar to Greywhiskers, she has dark green eyes and she's missing an ear. (CayugaLover)

    Dreamsong - A black she-cat with random white splotches and yellow eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Riversun - She has a flame colored pelt with gold tabby stripes, green eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Silvernight - Silver pelt and blue eyes. (CayugaLover)

    Frank - Brown with amber eyes. (CayugaLover)


    Feel free to PM me with any questions!


    -Pleeease don't use foul language. I'm a Christian, and don't appreciate it.

    -If you are talking or signing up, or posting anything besides the RP, please put the words in ( ).

    -One attack per cat, per post.
    -Your cat may dodge 1 in 4 attacks
    -If they don't dodge it, the injury has to be at least as severe as a papercut.

    -Have fun! If you haven't read the Warriors series, I suggest you do, because it is a exceptional series!

    -Don't kill another character's cat unless given permission by that person.

    -Don't RP another person's cat. It's a little annoying to come on the RP and find your cat has just jumped off a cliff.

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  1. ChickenRadio
    Name: DarkSky
    *Clan of Choice: HeatherClan
    *Gender: F
    *Short Description of Appearance or Picture: Black with blue eyes
    *Mentor: none
    *Attitude (What do they act like? Any special characteristics to add?): She is rather shadowy on her past and slightly short tempered
    *Family Tree (IE mate, kits, former apprentices, parents, etc.): her parents are kitty pets but when she heard about the wild cats in the forest she went to live with them.
    *Your BYC Username: ChickenRadio
  2. Rezia
    Remember, sign up here!
  3. Rezia
    Yes! Definitely use it! I think I got it off a different RP...
  4. CayugaLover
    -One attack per cat, per post.
    -Your cat may dodge 1 in 4 attacks
    -If they don't dodge it, the injury has to be at least as severe as a papercut.
    i really apriciate this rule :) i might just have to use it for my warriors RP...

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