Watching rocks grow

By peanutswp5 · Apr 26, 2018 · ·
  1. peanutswp5
    My chicks are doing great! They are about two and a half weeks old. I received 30 chicks by mail and so far have a zero mortality rate. This is my first flock ever and I'm learning as I go. I think a few had "pasty butt" which I have addressed. I had their brooder sectioned off to minimize waste and maximize warmth. I opened up the other half so now they have plenty of room to move around. Their coop will be a chicken tra0ctor which I will transition them to before long ( but still as a brooder for a bit) and they will be enclosed with poultry netting in the future.

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  1. CrazyCrttr75
    Congrats on your first flock! I just bought my first flock as well, was 6 black australorp cutie patooties and they just turned 2 weeks old. I wouldn't be surprised if we decided to expand greatly in the coming years. I am enjoying them so much so far.

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