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    Deep in the Forests of the North East U.S.A., There lives on the olden ways of peace with magic. The people here live in a vast kingdom called 'Waterland'. There are many, many diffrent peoples, the good ones ar in the list below:

    cenataurs(can even be deer/dog/ect cenataurs);
    Satyr (Half Man Half Goat);
    a few giants;
    faries(6 inch type);
    littles(6 inch tall humanish folk);
    faries elves(taller faries);
    and a few dragons are intellagent;

    The evil ones:
    punkin heads(men with punkins for heads);
    Orcs(main evil troops);
    The black Dragons;
    and Vampires.

    Some animals: Unicorns;
    Most dragons;
    toppies(named after my one chicken, they are polish with four legs);
    and if anyone has more ideas, please say!!!

    So, the rules of the land: They are ruled by a king and queen, brother and sister, they choose two siblings, brother and sister, to rule after them, but till then, the younger ones are the king's(the young brother) and the queen's(the young sister) apprentices(or mentees). They do not use any technology from after the middle ages! Like bows and arrows, not guns, horses(or other, ridable creature) instead of cars, and such like. There is equality for all!!! If a king and queen want a bro and sis to be their mentees that don't own a penny between them, that's fine! The evil races have to live in a part of the country called the dark woods, which are on the boardar, and are woods that are dusk, all the time, other than at night, then it's pitch black. The races each have a govener, and they awnser to the king and queen. King and Queen are equal. Period. The army is lead by the king and queen, they normally split the rewsponsability. That's about it..

    No mentees for now, please, The king's owner and queen's owner will pick them out of the characters. Yes, kings and queens can marry, but not eachother! The spouse would not be royalty, though.

    School, is all 12 grades, like most modern schools. Your player can be any age, and nearly any profession, shop keeper, warrior, anything. Goal, for now, is trouble is rising in the Dark Woods.

    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor):

    Rules of the R.P. Regular rules, like: no swearing, be nice, what I and my helper say goes

    moriah6299 was kind enough to be my helper, so moriah6299 is my helper, and I may get more, if the game gets really big. Proably won't, but just in case.

    Please don't RP till I say you can.

    That's about it, if you think up a new species to use, pm me and I'll think about putting it in the list. Thank you, have fun! Fun is what this is all about!


    Name: James
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    History: Picked to be mentee of the king at an early age, with his sister, the queen, he grew up strong with magic, and was trained by the best sorcerers and warlocks in the land, he is now one of the best sorcerers in Waterland. He was trained to be very good a combat, and at goverment.
    Family: Sister, the Queen, she's not made yet.
    Crush: None
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: None
    Personality: Happy with the world, proud of his skills as a sorcerer.
    Appearance: Tallish, muscular build, handsome, strong, carries a magic staff.
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): King.
    User: chickenboy100

    Name: Golden Sun
    Age: 356
    Species: Dragon
    Gender: Female
    History: She had a mate but was killed when he raided a village for its livestock.
    Family: Has none. Mate is dead.
    Crush: none
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: none
    Personality: Brave and is kind to most. She is fearless in battle.
    Appearance: Golden
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor):
    (Ok well I can't seem to make up my mind but I will actually make her just a normal wild dragon. Sorry for me changing my mind lol)

    Name: Trenton
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Gender: male
    History: When he was twelve, his mother died of some kind of illness and three years later, his father was running some errands near the Dark Woods and was killed. Soon after Trenton trained to be a warrior and is one now.
    Crush: none
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: none
    Personality: He tends to keep to himself and is quite rude to others. In battle he is a good fighter and would help a fellow warrior in battle if needed.
    Appearance: Short brown hair, tall, white skin and dark brown eyes
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): warrior
    User: DarthLayer

    Name: Lulu
    Age: 20
    Species: Human/fairy elf cross.
    Gender: Female
    History: Born to a poor father, her mother died during childbirth, but her father raised her well, and taught her very goo manners.
    Family: Father, but he's not in the game(yet!)
    Crush: Like nearly every young Waterland girl, the King, but other than that, none.
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: None
    Personality: Loves to help, kind, fun loving.
    Appearance: Looks human, with long, blond hair, and large wings that can shrink into her shoulder blades.
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): None
    User: chickenboy100

    Species: elf
    History: she was orphaned early in her life and raised by distant relatives. She now lives on her own and is an excelent archer.
    Family: none
    Personality: kind and helpful when she can be
    Appearance: long black hair, grey/blue eyes, slim
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor):

    Name: Vera
    Species: human
    Gender: female
    History: lost her father early, was raised by her mother. They are shopkeepers for a store that sells a little of everything, from food to weapons and armor.
    Family: mother, Alice
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: none
    Personality: sweet and kind, kind of shy
    Appearance: long brown hair, usually braided, brown eyes, always carries a blade with her for protection
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor):

    Name: Hasis
    Age: 118
    Species: Elf
    History: He grew up being isolated from most people and really isn't the social type. He lived peacefully and quietly in the outskirts of town.
    Family: They let him be on his own, but does have a few younger siblings
    Personality: talker and sneaks too much. Loves to wander alone and tend for himself. Rarely allows people to join on whatever tasks he does. Mostly stubborn and rude to others. Rarely nice and talks to people without an insult.
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): warrior?

    Name: Kane
    Age: 100
    Species: dragon
    Gender: male
    History: has been fending for himself since he was young. He became a warrior for the previous king and has stayed for James and Lisa.
    Family: none
    Crush: none
    Personality: calm and quiet
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): warrior

    Name: Thaos
    Age: 46
    Species: Orc
    Gender: male
    History: He keeps it to himself
    Family: dead
    Crush: none
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: none
    Personality: Dark and cruel. Shows no mercy to anyone and is tough.
    Appearance: Looks like most orcs only he is more muscular than most and a scar running across his face.
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): warrior
    User: DarthLayer

    Name: Dark Shadow (Shadow)
    Age: 456
    Species: Black Dragon
    Gender: Male
    History: doesn't remember
    Family: none
    Crush: none
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: none
    Personality: Likes to see others suffer. He is hot headed at times. Since he's a dragon, most really don't question his actions. He is a very large dragon.

    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): warrior
    User: DarthLayer

    Name: Sathera (Sara)
    Age: 18 almost 19
    Species: fairy/elf
    Gender: F
    History: ha to grow up early because her father died when she was only 10, and her mother fell very ill. Mother passed away when she was 15. Has been living on her own ever since.
    Family: deceased
    Crush: none yet :3
    Personality: stealthy, hard to sneak up on, stubborn, bad temper, protective of the people she cared about, loyal friend, fierce fighter. Extremely good with the bow and arrows and knives of any kind.
    Appearance: waist long white/blond hair, stunning, electric blue eyes, very tall, long translucent wings, pointed ears, [​IMG]
    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): warrior (?)

    Name: Misty
    Species: Fairy
    Gender: Female
    History: Became a sorceress fairy at the age of 6
    Family: Dead
    Boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse: none
    Personality: Creative, Unpredictable, and kind.
    Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin, long hair, blue wand, and gold wings.
    Any titles (King, Queen, Mentee, Governor): Head sorcery student.
    User: TinyBeaks

    Name: Snow and Ice ( Ice for short )
    Age: 11
    Species: Dragon
    Gender: female
    History: TBR
    Family: dead
    Crush: none
    Boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse: none
    Personality: nice but if you get on her bad side... its bad

    Any titles (King, queen, mentee, Governor): ??
    User: PrettyHorses

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