We got our first eggs!

  1. Crystalthechickenlady
    I'm a very happy chicken mom today! My girls laid their first eggs this morning. Weird how they all decided today was the day! Two eggs were in the nest box, unfortunately two were in the coop on the ground. (They weren't broken or pecked at) tips on getting them all the lay in their nest box welcomed! We have had a ceramic egg in there for about 2 weeks. Never knew I could be so excited over some eggs :) Extra treats for the girls today!

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  1. JS69135
    We had our first egg on Saturday and our second today! I think it was the same pullet.
  2. kayceb
    I noticed the eggs are different colors. Same breed or different breeds?
  3. Texas Kiki
    Congrats on the new eggs.
    They should all figure out to lay in the nest box soon.
    Maybe it was a little crowded today and those two didn't want to wait in line?

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