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    Welcome to Camp Were-creature! This is a camp only for those humans who are half animal. There are many kinds of were-creatures; Class One (most common): permanently part of that creature, part human, can shape-shift at will. Class Two (2nd most common): has two forms: fully human and fully animal. Class Three: human most of the time, changes only on the night of the full moon... the kind in stories. Class Four: only changes when angered. There are mixed were-creatures, for example: a panther-hawk were-girl, mom is were-hawk and dad is were-panther. FORM:
    Were- (<-- put here what kind of creature it can turn into)
    Abilities: (as in, were-dragons would be able to breathe fire, were-eagles would have really good eyesight...)
    All BYC rules apply
    We will start a few days before they go to Camp Were-Creature
    Please, if you don't like my RP, don't post.
    Try to be nice
    Let's keep it at very most PG
    No perfect charries and no complete jerks
    If you want to mix a charrie beyond two were-creatures, PM me first.
    PM me if you want were-royalty.
    HAVE FUN!!!
    Name: Janessa Werepanther-eagle
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Class: 2
    Appearance: She is tall, with pale skin, long black hair and golden eyes. She has a small scar on her cheekbone and another scar on her shoulder. In her were-form she is a black panther with black wings.
    Pic: (Were form) (Human form)
    Abilities: Heightened senses, very strong, very fast, can see in the dark.
    Pets: None
    Other: Her mother is a were-eagle and her father is a werepanther. She is quiet and tends to keep to herself, but she can be very friendly, and she is always willing to help others.
    Username: bluedragonfire
    Name: Eirwen
    Class: 2
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: She is about 5'7", with very pale skin, white hair, and blue eyes.
    Pic: (Human form)(Were-form)
    Abilities: Very good hearing, controls ice, snow, and water.
    Pets: A horse named Merry.
    Other: She is the high princess of the were-folk. Pyrros is her twin brother.
    Username: bluedragonfire
    Name: Pyrros Werephoenix
    Class: 2
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Appearance: He is tall, with fiery red hair and gold eyes. In his were-form he is a large phoenix with magnificent red and gold plumage.
    Pic:(Were-form) (Human form)((His hair is more vivid and his eyes are a brighter gold.))
    Abilities: Very good eyesight, controls fire, heat, and light.
    Pets: A horse named Caspian.
    Other: He is the high prince of the were-folk. He has a twin sister called Eirwen.
    Username: bluedragonfire
    Name: istalri
    Class: 1
    Gender: F
    Age: 16
    Appearance: she looks like a red-haired slender girl, except she has dragon wings, tail, ears (hidden in hair), firey breath, and her fingernails, teeth, and toenails are longer and sharper than most ordinary peoples'. Look at pic for rest.
    Picture: (in human[-ish] form) (she looks like this in dragon form except gold and purple)
    Abilities: she can fly, breathe fire, and she has extremely sensitive senses.
    Pets: a black cayuga duck
    Other: none yet
    Username: CayugaLover
    FORM: Name: Isis Were-kite (the bird, not with a string) Class: 2 Gender: F Age: 15 Appearance: As a girl she has long black hair and deep brown eyes. As a kite she is lean and tall, with striking red-brown eyes that are rimmed with black. Her body is white, with gray wings that have black primary feathers at the tips. Picture: (Bird form:) (Human form:) Abilities: She has a very good memory and never forgets a place she'd been. Very good with ancient magic. Pets: A black cat named Tyet. Other: She is very eager to learn, so much that she will do almost anything to gain information. She is sometimes prone to envy, but never often. Username: iluveorpingtons FORM: Name: Loivissa Were-dragon Class:1 gender: female Age: 14 Appearance: look at pic :) Picture: (in dragon form she's black and blue, not black and purple) Abilities: flight, she breaths ice, small amount of control over ice, good senses. Pets: a black banty cochin hen named elcipse and a white banty cochin hen named snowfire Other: she is Istalri's sister Username: CayugaLover FORM: Name: Lexi Were-squirrel Class: 2 Gender: F Age: 10 Appearance: in human form she has short red hair and black-brown eyes. in squirrel form she has beautiful red fur and small black eyes. Picture: none Abilities: she is very fast and extremely good at climbing trees Pets: a grey squirrel, Silvermist, and a Junco bird, Winterberry, who are also her best friends. Other: she is an orphan, and not wanting to move in with a step-mother Username: CayugaLover FORM: Name: kyle Were-grizzly bear Class: 4 Gender: M Age: 15 Appearance: brown scruffy hair, brown eyes, very muscular. (goes for both bear form and human form) Picture: none Abilities: he's really strong and very loud, and has a great fondness of salmon :p Pets: none Other: none Username: CayugaLover FORM: Name: Diana Were-Fox Class: 1 Gender: F Age: 15 Appearence: In her humanoid form she has the ears and tail of a vixen and golden eyes. As a fox she is a deep russet color with black ears and paws. Picture: (Human-like form:) (Animal Form:) Abilities: Fast and clever thinker. Pets: none Other: A good strategist, but sometimes goes in over her head. Username: iluvorpingtons FORM: Name: Sekhmet Were-Lioness Class: 2 Gender: F Age: 18 Appearance: As a person she has dark, black-brown hair and fierce golden-brown eyes that are slightly feline. As a lion she is thin but well-muscled with golden and brown fur. Picture: (human form:) (Animal form:) Abilities: Can run fast and leap high. Other: She tries to stay cool, but if you push her she'll snap. And that has really, really bad results. Username: iluvorpingtons Name: Ophis Were-serpent/hawk Class: 4 Gender: M Age: 14 Appearence: As a person he has light brown hair and green-blue eyes. When he is angry he becomes a jet black cobra with tawny wings and golden eyes. Picture: none :( Abilities: In the dark he has slight heat vision. Pets: A German Shepherd named Flash Other: He's Isis's cousin Username: iluvorpingtons name: Christina Kyle were-fox class: 2 gender: female age: 14 appearance: red hair, dark gold eyes. Slender, athletic looking. picture: none. abilities: She is able to steal and sneak around very easily. Very fast too. pets: none other: Her parents were killed in an attack. She is actually naturally blonde, but she dyed her hair to signify how close she is to her inner fox. Username: Sparky2133 Name: Collin Were-phoenix Class: 2 Gender: male Age:19 Appearance: very tall about 6'1, has snow-white hair blue eyes, and very pale. Picture: (He doesn't have the wings.) Abilities: Can see and smell very well, can control water, snow, and ice. Pets: A baby penguin named Fluff that will follow him, and a husky girl named Jade. Other: He is very fancy, and loves all of nature. It is also said that his family including him are very, very rich. No one knows how or why his family is so rich.....maybe he could be hiding a huge secret from his friends and all the camp. His family may not be what you expected. Maybe Collin has a big crush. Username: Silkie Chicken name: Isabella were-unicorn class: 2 gender:Female age: 16 appearence: short, small, cute, blonde, pale blue eyes, innocent, (in her unicorn form she's all white) picture: abilities: she has great healing abilities (and also make rainbows lol) being a unicorn she can talk to animals in both forms pets: A small white bunny named Yuki other: almost near seen without the company of Jason, she very shy and very hard to befriend. Very kind and sweet, loves animals and nature, really fragile and horrible at gym like stuff, (can't run that far or fast, can't swim, etc.) She is an excellent cook and a amazing singer, she's a very fine artist and excels at playing the piano. Username:Mipuppy1 name: Jason were-Pegasus class: 2 gender: Male age: 18 appearence: tall, dirty blonde hair, gray eyes, very hot lol, (in his Pegasus form he is pure black) picture: abilities: he is a very good navigator, he's very strong so he can deliver stuff pets: none other: usually never seen without the company of Isabella and is very protective of her, comes off as really cold at first be is a really fun guy when you get to know him, he was born the prince of the were people but one night his nurse put him in his crib for bed she left. He slept for a while but in the middle of the night he woke up and saw the moon he thought it was maybe a new toy his parents got him so he tried to grab it frustrated he turned into his were form a Pegasus and flew out the open window. He kept on flying till he got really tired he flew down landing on the doorsteps of a young couple, he turned back into a humen and cried and cried and cried finally the couple found him the next day they adopted him. He has long forgotten his heritage but knows he can turn into a Pegasus. He lived on a farm and grew up with loving parents till he was 5 then they got a job in the city they couldn't afford to take him yet so they left him with Isabella's parents (farm) (as there parents where close friends). On his 17th birthday his parents called giving him "good" new he moved into the city with his parents over the summer he attended a private school there and is now back on the farm for summer break. Username: Mipuppy1 FORM: name: jessica were-kangaroo class: 2 gender: F age: 12 appearence: light blonde-tan hair, brown eyes, pale skin, freckles. in kangaroo form, yellowish-tan fur, creamy undersides, brown eyes picture: none abilities: she can leap really far + high, as in over a schoolbus from front to back. pets: none other: none usename: CayugaLover FORM: name: Danielle were-dragonfly class: 2 gender: F age: 10 appearence: extremely opalescent raven-black hair, green eyes. in dragonfly form she's a black dragonfly with opalescent green/blue/purple/silver/pink wings (they change to all those colors when you look at her from different angles picture: none abilities: she has very good eyesight (people feel like she has eyes in the back of her head) and she's really fast. and she can fly in dragonfly form pets: none other: none usename: CayugaLover name: Dakota were- Deer class: 2 gender: F age: 14 appearence: Blonde hair blue eyes picture:(human form) (animal form) abilities: Good sense of smell good hearing pets: None other: very flighty but not shy kind username: ChickenRadio name: Kione McCollins were-phoenix (a special kind) class: 2 gender: female age: 17 appearance: Chocolate colored hair. Very piercing grey eyes. In phoenix form, she is black with purple highlights. picture: abilities: She can control dark magic. This ability allows her to go into different bodies and control them, and dark magic gathers its power from dying stars. pets: One horse named Heracles. other: Every Black Phoenix, which she is, comes with a twin. Both can control different magic; Light and Dark. Her sister, who died in a vicious attack from another flock of phoenix's, controlled the light aspect. name: Delphinidae Lagenorhynchus-cruciger (Delphi for short.) :)D You go google that name. It's fun!) were- Hourglass Dolphin class: Two gender: Female age: Fifteen appearence: A tall girl with long black hair and kind blue eyes. picture: (Human) (Were form) abilities: An amazing swimmer who LOVES to show off her tricks in Dolphin form. pets: A pair of goldfish named Silvia and Sinker. other: none Name: Jan Were-mockingbird Class: 1 Gender: Female. Age: 15 Appearance: She is the average height for her age, with black hair and gray eyes. She has feathers in her hair that she usually hides. Pic: (Human pic) (Were-form) Abilities: She can imitate any sound. Pets: A Great Burmese Mountain Dog named Jessa. Other: Her best friend is Marty. Username: bluedragonfire Name: Marty Werewolf Class: 1 Gender: Female Age: 16 Appearance: She is slender and tall, with shoulder-length wavy red hair and amber eyes. She has fangs and small feathers on her shoulderblades. In wolf form, she has red and white fur and wings. Pic: (Human form) (Were-form) Pets: An Irish Setter named Ruby. Other: Her mother is a weredove and her father is a werewolf. Her best friend is Jan. Username: bluedragonfire User: Chicken Tamer name: Kira were: Snow Leopard class: 2 gender: female age: 18 appearence: Quiet, but does make jokes when you get to know her picture: Human Form Snow Leopard form abilities: Can run fast, blend in with snow, and sneak up on things without if or them noticing. name: Wintent were-Dragon class: 1 gender: F age: 18 personality: Quiet stutters a lot but attitude changes in a fight or serious sittuation or being threatend or friends are. appearence picture: abilities:Breathes snow and ice. Were picture: pets: none yet other: Parents beat her at a young age and ran away at age 12. Has scars in her back from her parents.







    appearence:He has fiery redish blonde hair and golden eyes, his skin is pretty tan, skin is pretty warm.



    abilities:Controlling fire, heat. Good eye sight, great hearing and expert hunting skills, good flying and can run very fast and is very strong.

    pets: A small Fire phoenix that follows and helps me. (Fights, homework n stuff)

    other:Sometimes his phoenix wings show in human form.

    (FieryPhoenixZ) *Credits to the pic..*
    Link to RP: http://backyardchickens.com/t/724888/welcome-to-camp-were-creature-rp

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