Here in Plum Nearly, We have12 hens, 2 Roosters,10 ducks and 1 goose 4 dogs and 9 gold fish [in a small pond.] We live in the Blue Ridge Mts. of Western North Carolina. Our chickens consist of 6 bantam cochins, 1 bantam cochin frizzle, 2 game hen, 1 brahma hen and 2 Lovely Lavender Orpingtons. 2 Muscovy Drakes and 8 hens, plus our goose who isn't quite sure what he is. We have 51/2 acres and our chickens and Ducks and goose are free range, but check out the cool duck/chicken house my husband built, where everyone is locked up tight at night. We love our life, and we love our country, but most of all we love our Saviour Jesus Christ!..........

Jan 12021: Since 2012 we have lost some of our precious flock mainly to old age. Have added 5 more acres to our homestead and have added a second goose [8-12]for a mate to our gander. We have 1 Muscovy drake and 4 females still and since 2016 added Runners and Buffs to our flock.
So now we have ducks in age from 13 yrs down to 2 yrs and 19 chickens from age 12yrs down to age 6months. I can't imagine life without them. Such a joy to live in the beautiful mountains of NC and be able to enjoy life with my flock.
My gander Samson will be 15 in April and his mate Missy will be 12. Still going strong.