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By Miss Lydia · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. Miss Lydia
    Here in Plum Nearly, We have12 hens, 2 Roosters,10 ducks and 1 goose 4 dogs and 9 gold fish [in a small pond.] We live in the Blue Ridge Mts. of Western North Carolina. Our chickens consist of 6 bantam cochins, 1 bantam cochin frizzle, 2 game hen, 1 brahma hen and 2 Lovely Lavender Orpingtons. 2 Muscovy Drakes and 8 hens, plus our goose who isn't quite sure what he is. We have 51/2 acres and our chickens and Ducks and goose are free range, but check out the cool duck/chicken house my husband built, where everyone is locked up tight at night. We love our life, and we love our country, but most of all we love our Saviour Jesus Christ!..........[​IMG]


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  1. Koipondduck
    So couple of questions
    1) How do I keep their food dry totally since I tried very hard keeping them specially made dishes and flat bowl bottoms and they still get wet?
    2) When the food get wet, they are turning to mush and in this heat smelling not fresh? Shold I throw them out and fill new food since this is going on regularly?
    3) Or Should I give them enough food that just for a day? I thought giving enough food assure them that they have plenty to eat when they want?
    4) How often do you change 3 gallon water bucket that are purchased from tractor supply?
    5) How come mallards are eating salads but mandarins and pin tales wood ducks do not eat salads?
    7) I had to buy special Mazuri food that is quiet expensive for game birds beside getting these regular game bird food that you purchase from tractor supply... I realize game birds need special diet but why wont' they touch my fresh made salad
  2. Koipondduck
    However, by making them fresh salads full with bok-chois, cherry tomatoes, lightly fried eggs, meal worms and fresh worms, these mallards gained weight. I have some questions. I spent $130 buying proper dishes to feed ducks ( you know the one with holes), a huge water bucket ( you know the one that you flip upside down), and big huge stainless steel flat bottom dishes so ducks can't tip those over. However, I feel that however hard I try, their food is getting wet in the special duck feeder that I bought from tractor supply and the flat bottom bowls. In addition, the huge water bucket water in four days smelled terrible for fresh water. I cannot feed this water to these ducks so I changed it. How often do you supposed to change water. is that daily? I thought the big container holds lots of water so you can change in couple of days? Also, I am changing their pond water two days a week which is 160 gallons but noticing that they drink out of their pond water where they also poop. Is this what they do? Since it won't let me post in one thread, I am posting my numbered in the next post...

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