Welcome to my world,
I have several interests that are all nature inspired.
I have a love for exotic and wild animals and I have worked with them all of my life,
starting with fish and reptiles and growing to mammals and now birds.

When I was younger I raised different chickens, ducks, and geese
but for almost 30 years I didn't keep any because the mammals,
fish and reptiles took up all of my time.

Here I will start to add photos of different things I do and animals I keep, I am sorry I don't have too many photos
of the mammals, I didn't own a digital camara until recently
and I didn't take many photos
of my travels or animals until about 3 years ago.

I love to work with my hands and about 2 years ago while waiting for my second transplant (I have had 2 multi-organ transplants, the most recent
in 2010) I learned to make pens out of wood. I also make scale models of
different places and things I have seen when I was travelling to look and collect different animals
for my collections. Since I have been sick, my destinations have changed and except for a few exotics I no longer keep as many animals as I did in the past,
but I am now much more selective in what I do choose to keep.​