Welsummer Eggs

  1. LilEmilysChknPen
    [FONT=trebuchet ms,geneva]HELLO! WELCOME TO MY BYC PAGE!!![/FONT]

    I have a website that I update very frequently, Stop by and check it out! www.lilemilyschickenpen.webs.com
    Here are a few pictures of my eggs, I sell Black Copper Marans and Welsummer Eggs. See Website for pricing. Or contact me Directly! [email protected]
    First Egg, Regular White Egg
    Middle Egg, Black Copper Marans Eggs
    Last Eggs, Welsummer Eggs

    My Black Copper Marans Eggs top 4
    Middle Egg, Regular white store egg (Show for comparison)
    Outer Middle, My EE/Welsummer Mix Blue eggs
    Bottom Eggs, My Welsummer Eggs​

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