I'm new to blogging, so this should be fun. lol! . About 13 years ago I had Chickens, rooster, ducks, guinnies and turkeys but sold them and moved back to the city. I begged, pleaded and borrowed to get hubby to let us get some again, finally this April he gave the ok. The kids and I went to IFA and got 4 chicks, 4 ducklings and 2 turkeys and so our new journey began. The "Birds" as we loving call them have grown up for the most part. We lost one little silkie chick the first night, other than that things have been pretty good but We ended up with 3 roosters, had fallen in love with the silkies so Elvis ( a polish? ) was re homed and we went to get 5 Silky chicks and well we brought home 4 hens and one roo that we fell in love with! Somehow we lucked out and got one tom and a hen on turkeys and one male 3 female on ducks. Here's some pics of "birds"