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Western Chicken Coop

  1. StaceyChickFarm
    We were inspired by someone else on BackYard Chickens (https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/the-wild-west-coop#). I want to give them credit for the idea because it was just too cute so we totally copied with our own little twist.

    We live in Reno and thought the "Western" style was fitting. It is fully insulated for our cold snowy winter nights. Their water hasn't frozen yet.. time shall tell. The coop sits about 6" from the ground and has a leak-proof roof! Those are some happy chickens.

    When we moved to our house there was an existing chicken coop. It is hard to see from this photo but it was really not very cute. I'll try to find some others to show you from another angle.


    This is of our mean Rooster (T-REX).. he is so mean. You can kinda see the blue stairs and this blue steal form the coop was sitting on.

    Here they go! My hubby used standard 16" on center framing, 7' walls so we could stand up and walk around, and 3/8ths plywood exterior. He tried to pick out the most knotty pieces to show on the exterior.


    The interior is 1/8th" luan sheeting. We insulated with standard fluffy insulation. My husband made these nesting boxes for the old coop and they fit perfectly in the new coop.


    I actually helped roof this bad boy but let's be honest.. my husband rocks and he really worked hard to make this coop something nice to look at. I love it so much. It is so funny when the chickens sit on the porch! The windows are plexy glass. We plan on making a timer on the hinged door so when we go out of town for a weekend it can open and close accordingly.


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  1. StaceyChickFarm
    Hi Stumpy, thanks for the compliments :). The building is 8'x6' and the walls are 7' tall. The peek of the roof is 8' tall. Hope this helps! :)
  2. judyki2004
  3. Stumpy
    I really like it. It's like a little house on the prairie! Could you tell me the dimensions of the building (not including porch)?

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