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By western edge · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. western edge
    [​IMG][​IMG]Raising sexlinks and broilers with heritage chickens
    Several years ago my poultry intrests swayed toward raising sexlink pullets for the local egglayer intrests and with a start in the heritage birds already,including Rhode Island Red, Rhode Island White and Dominique, I decided to use them in sexlink crosses. I not only breed and hatch the crosslinks but also the parent stock so there has been an increse in the need for more coops,runs and pens. I will be hatching over one thousand eggs( going in ) in the spring. One major disadvantage is the extreme winter climate that causes more work and takes its toll, even on the cold hardy chickens. Coming in the spring of 2012- Red Broilers
    My hobbie continues with my non hybrid vegetable (seed) garden in which I raise and save the seeds of 40 different varities of 18 different vegetables along with the dozen or so beef cows, all on the raab family farm ( 3rd generation)

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