What chicken breed is right for you?

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    This is going to be about finding the right chicken breed for you!

    I've seen new members on this site with Cornish crosses and broilers! Those breeds are not right for you, unless you have them for meat. They are meat birds and suffer a lot from how big they are. I definitely would not recommend them to a backyard flock.

    If you want some friendly chickens for eggs, I suggest the Red Sex link chickens. They are also known as Red stars, Golden comets, anything like that. They are red mostly, with some white around their necks, and at the tips of their tails. They can also be sexed at hatch! They are used for eggs.
    As you can see the yellowish white chick is the boy, and three one is the girl. They very easy to sex!

    There are lots of different chicken breeds out there! Before you buy, do some research on the breed!

    Silkies are mostly for pets and shows! They are excellent pets! Most people just keep these in the house! They are a lot smaller because they are bantams. This breed is not for eggs, And not at all for meat! So if you just want a pet, this is the right breed for you! Some people think they look weird and wouldn't even consider getting one! But so did I! I now I wish I had one!
    They come in many different colors! Paint, white, blue, splash, lavender,and buff.

    If you just want some friendly chickens for your backyard, that don't overload you on eggs, the i would just get some all different breeds! Pick whatever you want!
    I suggest these.

    Buff Orpington

    Barred Rock

    Easter Egger
    These come in many different colors!

    There are lots of other great breeds! So do lots of research!

    Have a AWESOME day! And good luck finding your chickies!
    Here are some charts!
    Chick-List-2015.jpg the-eggcellent-guide-to-chicken-breeds_518a5ab62bebb_w1500.jpg 424abd5e383b9741f29ea00172777ad4.jpg a24094286b48645ee89f21a4079a34be.jpg

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