What color are these Muscovies?

By nancyy · Aug 8, 2018 · ·
  1. nancyy
    I bought a ton of ducklings a few months ago from a very reputable breeder. I don't know Muscovies well, as I am more focused on my Anconas and Cayugas.

    Anyways, I've picked out a trio out of the bunch that I'd like to keep and breed for next year. They are so gorgeous! But.... What color are they? IMG_20180808_170753.jpg IMG_20180808_170728.jpg IMG_20180808_170715.jpg

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  1. casportpony
  2. MROO
    They're awfully pretty, but you'll get a better response to your question if you post it as a thread under the Ducks forum ...
    1. nancyy
      I had thought I did! Oops!

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