What gender is my duck?

By AeshaHadi · Jul 23, 2018 · ·
  1. AeshaHadi
    5C43F3CE-7DDD-4CEE-8E4E-643B4CC4C120.jpeg 654920CF-8BEF-4208-A64A-0ED3E323E89F.jpeg 7EC9B55F-E3F7-420D-BE9E-2304771B98E5.jpeg A766A753-0A41-408D-A3D3-D442C19C20E2.jpeg Meet Banana. I got this lil cutie for free from someone who didn’t want banana anymore. Banana was 2 weeks when I got her now banana is like 2-3months maybe more I’m not sure. Bananas breed is a Swedish duck. But I’m kind of confused because they call them Swedish blue ducks when banana isn’t blue at all. So I just call banana a Swedish duck . I have little chicks that keep banana company. Banana basically is their mom now. Banana acts like a mom though. Banana always defends them if someone is trying to hurt them or to touch them. Pretty good at being a mom if I say so. So that Leeds me to think. Banana is a girl? I don’t know can you guys tell? (When I took these pics I tricked her with her fav treat tomatoes!) By the way...is it okay if I feed her a lot cause banana is very spoiled with food every day!

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