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What I Am Looking For

By missred871 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. missred871
    What I am looking for!

    Soap Molds, Feathers (longer feathers, especially saddle feathers and lighter colored feathers are best but offer anything), soap bases, essential oils,
    fragrances for soaps, canvas for painting, acrylic paints, jewelry making stuff, (almost anything crafty!)

    Birds and Eggs
    Bearded Silkie eggs
    Turkey Eggs (preferably wild, narangasette, red pencilled palm, red bourbon but offer and I might take it anyway)
    peafowl eggs
    call eggs
    pheasant eggs (ringneck mutations) and longtailed pheasants
    Large Fowl Ameracauna, French black or blue Marans, and a couple of other breeds

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