What is the Best Coop Design?

By Johnouthouse · Feb 6, 2013 · ·
  1. Johnouthouse
    I enjoy building Chicken Coops and other Structures for Animals. I would like to know what is the ultimate Coop Design? What features work best for you or would you incorporate into a coop if you had to do it over again. What about Chicken Tractors etc.
    Here are some photos of Various Coops I have Built recently.

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  1. Johnouthouse
    Thanks raygirl4386 where do you live? what do you raise
    Thanks coolcanoechic I only use hardware cloth and other heavy duty wire now.
    I appreciate the tips on what works best for you,thanks and enjoy your day!
  2. coolcanoechic
    Nice set up, but chicken wire does not keep predators out. It only keeps chickens in. Hardware cloth is the way to go. Good pictures!
  3. raygirl4386
    i really like that first one, but it would need a front where i live.

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