What To Feed Pet Chickens

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    What to feed pet chickens?

    Many are reaping the benefits of keeping chickens for pets. Fresh eggs daily, pests kept to a minimum, and the fact that chickens are naturally social creatures that, once warmed up, enjoy the company of their human masters. But what most are having trouble with is figuring out what to feed their growing flock.
    For some, commercial products found at local feed stores may supply enough for growing hens. Many store brand foods are formulated to provide enough nutrients and vitamins so that your chickens are getting just what they need on a daily basis. These foods are also available in pellets or bite size pieces making it easier for your chickens to digest. The upside to these commercial products is they are less expensive and come in large sizes that can be used over a length of time. The downside to these products is that often times they are stuffed with fillers and unnecessary preservatives. Sometimes, depending on the company, these products may even contain pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to your chickens.
    Higher quality and organic feed is preferred for chickens as they provide the proper nutrients and vitamins without all the added fillers, and harmful chemicals. These grade foods may be a bit more expensive, but will help improve your chickens overall health. They are available through local feed stores and online websites. Additionally, one could always go about making their own feed for their flock to be extra sure of what will be going into the meal. Check with local vets for the best recommended ingredients or products available for the best quality your flock well deserves. Local vets can also help by providing you with plenty of information to help you in keeping your flock.
    Whatever the feed choice you go with always be sure whatever is left over is properly stored and sealed. All unused feed should be stored in a sealed container and maintained at proper temperature in order to ensure the quality of the food, and preserve this quality for a longer length of time. If food gets wet or remain at unsafe temperatures then the feed will ultimately be harmful for your growing flock.
    Always be sure that your chickens and baby chicks have fresh and clean water. Many times feces and other harmful things can be kicked up and knocked into your chicken’s water, therefore it is recommended that an automatic waterer is used for those messy chicks. These waterers keep harmful bits and pieces from entering into the main tank, and can be easily cleaned for future uses.
    Always check local and state laws before raising chickens just to be sure you will not find yourself in a horrible situation. Be sure to provide adequate shelter and safety for your growing flock. And last, but certainly not least, have fun with your flock as they naturally enjoy the attention from their human masters.

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